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Friday, October 21, 2011

Video Marketing - 5 Tips To Make Your Video Effective

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Video marketing is becoming one of the most popular ways to market yourself or your business online. Putting together just any old video and posting it on the web and putting together an effective video and posting it on the web is two completely different things. This article will give go over 5 tips that will help your videos get the attention that they deserve, leading to more exposure and overall sales.

Here are 5 tips that will help you with your video marketing efforts.

Use Creative Titles - This is very important because the title of your video is often the first thing a person sees before watching it. Think of something that will make people curious in your video, think a little "outside the box." You really want something that is going to grab their attention as soon as they see it.

Good Quality - What I mean by this is; be as professional as you can be. No you don't need a million dollar budget or shoot it from a movie set. Just make sure that your video is clear visually and the audio is sharp. Also make sure you shoot your video in a well lit area and there are no obstacle behind you that are going to make the viewer loose focus on you. If possible, try to be the only obstacle in the screen.

Make Sure It Has A Point - Get your point across. By the end of your video a viewer should know exactly what it was your video was trying to tell them. Try not to make your video confusing or misleading.

Don't Make It Too Long - You must remember that people have a very short attention span, especially those on the internet. Your video needs to be able to get to the point in a short period of time. Try to keep your video under 3 minutes. Anything past that, you are risking losing the attention of the viewer. Avoid rambling, to make your video longer. It is ok if your video is only a minute long just as long as you got your point across

Connect Your Website To It - It's almost a give in that you need to put your website address in the video, but be sure to put your website address in the description part of the video (if applicable). Don't be afraid to say the name of you website once or twice throughout you video. Make it as easy as possible to get the viewer to your site.

Using these tips will make your video marketing a lot easier and you will in turn get better results. This article has the 5 tips that will help your videos get the attention that it deserves leading to more exposure and overall sales. If you apply these 5 simple but effective tips to you video marketing; I guarantee that your sales will at least double, maybe even triple within the first month of applying them.

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