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Sunday, December 2, 2012

The Negative Effects On Advancing Technology On Society #FreeVideo

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The Negative Effects On Advancing Technology On Society

Most people will praise the many technological gadgets that they use in their everyday lives. Technology is evolving at a very fast rate, and what most people did not even think could be real a few years ago is now becoming a reality. Cell phones that act more like computers, sans making documents and other important work files, have now taken the world by storm, and a lot of people could not imagine what life would now be like if they didn't have the internet, email, and chat features on their phones at their disposal. The simplest of things, such as TV, movies, and even video games, have also evolved, and each of them offers consumers a wide array of choices and new possibilities.

Although many will use and publicize modern technology for many of its achievements and advancements, what many don't realize is that it has affected and continues to affect society and people in general in a negative way. Advancements in technology have also greatly affected certain sectors of the industry and have even forced certain businesses to shut down for good because there is no more demand for that type of work.

Newspaper companies, for example, have been hit very hard by the advancements in technology. Big newspapers and local agencies have been forced to either lay off a percentage of their work force or shut down altogether because news is readily available for free on the internet. Businesses and companies now rely heavily on digital printing methods for work brochures, magazines, and other advertisement paraphernalia they need, which has put traditional, lithographic printing in a tough bind. Music does not have to be purchased at a music store anymore because *** files are readily available over the internet as well, thus causing big music store chains to shut their doors for good. The movie industry has also been hit hard because DVD sales have decreased since people can pay for and download their favorite movies online.

Technology has its benefits, but when you take a look at how it has affected society in general and how people interact with one another, you will quickly see that it has a negative impact. Modern technology has allowed people to communicate with just about anyone they want to at any given time and although this may sound like a good thing, the fact remains that people do not interact personally with one another as often as they used to. This has created a barrier in personable, face-to-face communication amongst people because they no longer have to hold a meeting in an office or they no longer have to call up a friend or family member to wish them a happy birthday or congratulate them on their recent success.

As a result, people are becoming more lazy, and they don't feel the dire need to step outside of their home to find entertainment and fun in things that used to be fun, such as participating in a rousing game of basketball with friends, meeting a friend at a coffee shop, etc. Technology is a privilege to have but interaction with other people is crucial, and being responsible for one's actions and not letting technology rule his or her life is better than becoming desensitized to society.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

How Web Video Production Can Help Your Business #FreeVideo

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Fortay Media is an online video production company. Customers can choose from a variety of web video services, including online presenters, training videos and corporate videos. FORTAY MEDIA and visit ARTICLE CITY

How Web Video Production Can Help Your Business

Web video production has become increasingly popular as embedding technologies and broadband internet speed gets ever better. Where your business or site warrants it, using an online web presenter can help get your message across – in tutorials and product guides, for example. And where a virtual tour is required, the web video really comes into its own.

The bottom line is, the Internet is now ready and able to support genuine multimedia presences for your company and your company website. In an age of file sharing and self broadcast, your customers and site users expect to see you making the best use of the technology at your disposal. Web video production allows you to make use of video files where they are the most appropriate way to get your message across.

In line with all website optimisation protocols, you should use a web video where a video file or moving image is genuinely the optimum way to deliver your information. Ask yourself the following question, of every part of your website: could it be understood better using another method? If the answer to that question is “no”, then a web video production can simplify your site and make its user experience much better.

Video works excellently for site guides, product descriptions and demonstrations of the services you provide. In many cases it is much easier to show a potential customer or service user something you do, in action, rather than trying to explain it with words and still images. Also, your web video satisfies the strongest of all customer urges – which is to see something they are about to buy, “in the flesh”.

The web video production on your site is ideal for making your site feel more interactive and as long as you have the rest of the page properly optimised the inclusion of a video file won’t confuse search engines. Unlike Flash menus, which look funky and do all kinds of flashy things when you scroll over them, but which prevent search engines from seeing the navigational structure of your site correctly, an embedded file can be optimised properly, even to the extent of directory submission.

The ultimate strength of the web video is in its ability to demonstrate the use and enjoyment of a product. One of the major objections to web shopping has always been the lack of knowledge about what exactly you are going to get. A photograph of an item you have never seen before never does it the same justice as a video showing you what it is and how it works.

Your web video production can bring your site to life, bring your products to life, and get your information across more clearly. Used properly, it makes your site user’s experience better.

Friday, June 1, 2012

How To Build My Video Talk Business In The Philippines #FreeVideo

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According to Mr. Robin Marks: The solution to increasing your business with My Video Talk is learning just how powerful video is. With individuals currently being ready to view a video on their smart phones, a lesser amount of people are taking the time to read. Both Google and Microsoft saw the video trend, as they bought YouTube and Skype respectively. Did you realize that there are actually more than two billion world-wide-web users and 77% of which prefer to watch video over the internet?

MVT offers quite possibly the most impressive video suite of products accessible nowadays. Their suite features: My Video Designer, My Video Broadcaster, My Video Web Show, and My Video Channel. These tools enable you to brand oneself on the internet! My Video Talk gives you all the opportunity to begin your own personal business and promote it making use of the newest and the very best in world-wide-web communication technologies.

So how do you grow your home based business with MVT? The answer is simple, the internet. MVT is actually a global operation. Making use of the net, you can broaden your organization by connecting with folks round the planet! Can you think about possessing a nearby team plus a worldwide one?

Generating Leads for My Video Talk

The online world gives you access to millions of potential leads inside a time and cost-effective manner. With out an effective marketing program like My Lead System Pro, however, that access signifies nothing. My Lead System Pro will teach you how to successfully grab hold of the world-wide-web to make a world-wide-web presence. Making use of My Lead System Pro will give you access to a community of marketers who will educate you on how to effectively promote over the internet, produce the best mlm leads, and funnel them into your organization.

My Video Talk Philippines

My Video Talk business in the Philippines needs a thorough study to capture the market for the on-going crisis about money. Needless to say, that a quantum amount of hard work is needed to build those market to overcome the undecided Filipinos to generate their income.

My Robin Marks says: “To be profitable requires tough work and productivity. Making use of regular procedures to market your business limits you to a local place as well as a limited quantity of leads. Should you want to experience global financial success with My Video Talk, the internet is your answer!”

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Friday, April 6, 2012

My Video Talk Products at MVT Voltz Bacoor Philippines #FreeVideo

MyVideo Talk is a powerful opportunity to start your own local and global internet business right from the comfort of your home or office, marketing the latest internet communication technologies. Our compensation plan is designed so that you can earn career level income, our products are state-of-the-art, we're the first to market with the technology everybody needs. That translates to huge opportunity for you.

This newly created MVT Voltz Bacoor Philippines is a powerful team that truly believes a web-based technology products of MyVideoTalk. It inspired us all to be the leaders and to put forward these reliable communication technologies in the future.

Did you know that the latest data reveals that there are over two billion internet users worldwide? ( My Video Talk offers one of the most innovative video products on the market right now. These internet-based products consist of: My Video Designer, My Video Broadcaster, My Video Web Show, and My Video Channel. As the name indicates, the products offered by the company focus on video production and internet video marketing. These are state-of-the-art and top-of-the-line products that allow you to hook up with potential customers all over the world.

The persons behind this creation are Mr. Fernando Lachica and Dexter Lirazan who are in the right place at the right time with the right Company.

Our Global Rewards Commission Plan is a unique hybrid plan that combines the best aspects of traditional direct sales with the best of internet marketing. That means you can receive generous financial rewards in the form of commissions and bonuses affiliated with helping to expand the MyVideoTalk customer base! You'll earn immediate and on-going commissions simply for referring new business. We have the systems in place already, your own turn-key business where you can begin earning immediately.

Be one of us now! Contact us on how you can subscribe and we'll be willing to help you succeed. These new web-based technologies are best for business, family, individual or even loved ones here and abroad.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

A Video Security Camera Right For You? #FreeVideo

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Video security cameras are a choice that is becoming more and more accepted. The safety of your family and your home is made more secure by choosing the right security camera.

The video from a video security camera could be worth its weight in gold because you can replay it in the event of trouble. Even the most basic home or office video security system is significant so that you can see what is going on in your home or office.

The safety of your family is very important and security is an important way to achieve this. One of the first options in making your home safe is to add a video security camera, making this a very popular way to feel more secure in your home. While deciding to use a camera is a great choice, you need to be sure you pick out the right camera that suits your needs.

All electronics require proper installation and maintenance and video cameras are no different Lots of people install the cameras themselves. It is always good to consult the company you bought your video camera from before you start installing your video camera. Installing a video surveillance system can only as good as the installer.

A video security camera makes video surveillance simple, manageable, and does not have to cost an arm and a leg. There are for all intents and purposes two styles of video cameras you can buy for home security. The two different types of cameras include wired and wireless.

You have to decide if hard-wired or wireless security cameras will better suit your home security needs. Wired security cameras can be placed in many places around your home, while wireless security cameras can be placed just about anywhere you would like to place it.

Wireless security cameras are becoming cheaper to produce all the time as the technology makes great strides forward. New up to date features are being added to video security cameras all the time. Both types of cameras have their advantages and disadvantages. To make sure you pick the system that will fill your needs it is wise to do a complete search on the Internet. You also may want to call the different camera companies and personally speak with a knowledgeable sales rep. The more time you take to research your video camera the better off you will be.

The benefits of having a well-designed security system will reward you in a lot of different ways. If this is your first system, consider why you want a video security and fill your needs wisely. A video security system can make you feel more secure knowing just the sign in the yard should significantly decrease trouble coming your way.

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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Becoming A Guitar Hero With Guitar Videos #FreeVideo

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Author Resource: Anna Stenning has continued to use guitar videos to learn new guitar techniques and to pick up how to play her favorite tunes. Article provided by -

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Learning to play the guitar is never an easy step to make if you have never been a musical person. They say that those who start at a young age will inevitably become professional guitarists if they continue to keep up with their guitar playing on a regular basis. These days every household in the UK having access to broadband internet, young people and adults alike are able to learn how to play any instrument from just a click of the mouse.

'You Tube' is amongst the most popular video posting sites that incorporate many talented individuals showing off their musical skills or short film sketches, resulting in millions of people tuning in every day. As it is free to use and free to upload videos, it then becomes a gateway for people to have easy access to new information. Amongst the long list of video genres come short music lessons including guitar videos offering short explanations on playing techniques. These videos do come in short bursts and are on average approximately 10 minutes long.

These days many young people are becoming influenced heavily by the popular Konami guitar video game 'Guitar Hero', as it resembles a real guitar, only without the strings using a flipper for strumming and some buttons for the fretting. Even though this is not the way to learn how to play the guitar, in my own personal experience it gives the player a good feel of the music and playing to a certain beat. Of course, there is no comparison to playing a real guitar!

Still this should not divert you away from playing the real thing, regardless of how addictive the game can be! Guitar tutorials are very easily accessible from the internet. One-to-one tutorials are good to keep you motivated because you have someone else there to pick up on your mistakes and correct you where needed. The disadvantage is that you take on board your tutors playing techniques and do not get the chance to discover your own style. It is good to take on board the right way of playing, avoiding bad habits and becoming adjusted to a good style of playing. As you continue to play you will undoubtedly pick up your own bad habits - hopefully this will not hinder your playing technique!

For those who cannot afford one-to-one tutorial, there are plenty of music forums and websites that offer low cost guitar videos in DVD or video streaming format. These can also be downloaded onto your PC, bringing you hours of guitar tutorials and close up views of fingering techniques. You do not need to know how to read music to follow the instructional guitar videos, as many beginners will not know how to read music.

Learning to read music is like learning a new language. Tablatures make it easier for the guitarist to understand where to place their fingers on the fret board, once they have mastered this they can then begin to learn how to read official music notes. Remember you will need to give yourself that extra time to practice playing the notes and memorize them.

When learning to read music you get to know your guitar and your fret board, the more you practice the better you will become at playing it without having to look down at it all the time. Pay attention to your guitar video tutorials, as they will provide detailed information on where to place your fingers and which strings to strum when playing a specific note or chord.

Once you get to know how to play one chord, memorize where you had placed your fingers on the fret board and try playing this with your eyes closed. You will see that it is a completely different experience, but your senses will imprint this into your brain as you continue to practice.

When you learn to play on your own, you will not have someone there physically to correct you. Therefore when learning to play from guitar videos place a mirror in front of you and observe your own fretting ability, how you hold your guitar and your strumming motion. Be sure to relax, shake your shoulders, shake your arms and wrists, and practice a finger walking or strumming exercise before beginning your video tutorial. Also allocate a time slot each day or week dedicated to playing the guitar without any interruptions, this will help to put you into a routine and prevent you from procrastinating.

One final note is not to rush your learning! Different people pick things up at different rates, so try not to beat yourself up if you feel you are not progressing. The key to learning how to play the guitar is to just practice and repeat every step until you are comfortable enough to play with your eyes closed. In time you will become more comfortable with playing in front of your friends or family.

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Friday, February 17, 2012

Video Reviews Saves Advertising Money

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Author Resource: Dom Donaldson is a technology expert. Find out more about Video Reviews and how they can help keep you informed about the latest technology at Pocket Lint. Article provided by -

When it comes to getting a product noticed, it is essential to get news of its release out to the public. Traditionally, newspaper and radio advertising and magazine reviews have formed the platform by which to do this. However, in the onslaught of the iPod generation, video reviews are becoming a favored way to get manufacturers messages across and actually demonstrate the latest products on offer. With every person between the ages of five and eighty five glued to a media player or computer, it makes sense to use this technology to reach the target market and advertise the full potential of a product.

The majority of people are choosing to do their shopping online, ditching the hustle and bustle of the high street for a finger walk across a keyboard. The only reason consumers are popping into town is to have a look at what is available to help them make the right online purchase. In light of this, some clever folks have decided that being able to offer video reviews of products online will encourage more people to make a purchase while surfing the net.

If you are choosing to shop online, it makes sense to try out different products online, especially if you are considering investing in a fair bit of cash, and the format of a video review works well for technologies that have multiple functions such as mobile phones and media players. Take the latest offering from Toshiba for example, the TG01. This is a mobile phone/media player hybrid that has more functions than the Fox and Pheasant. Looking at an ad in a glossy mag and reading the spec list wouldn't be good enough to make you purchase it instantly, and a television ad would simply be too short to show all the things it can do. The alternative before video reviews would be going into town, finding a shop that stocks it, waiting in a queue for an hour before being offered an uncharged handset to hold.

Thanks to the new way of advertising, we can see everything this product does, how the menu system works, what the display looks like, how to answer a call and create a text message. This almost works like a mini manual and could well be the way forward for setting up gadgets and gizmo's in the future. Technology is not as simple as it used to be, and setting up a TV, telephone or MP3 player practically requires a degree in astrophysics. Having a video review to guide a user through the applications and set ups would actually improve sales.

In a recent survey, it was discovered that up to sixty five per cent of mobile phone users didn't use applications other than text, call and cameras on their phones because the set up was too complicated and because of this would not buy another smart phone to avoid wasting money. Through video reviews, a consumer can be taken through the set ups step by step. Unlike regular advertising, which has to be engaging to entice the consumer to invest in the product, video reviews serve a purpose. They function as an info-mercial.

Video reviews are aimed at people who are on the point of purchase and want to know more about a product, so expensive advertising tricks are not necessary. The people that are using these reviews are also an already targeted market, so the sales pitch can be toned down and the focus can be on product information. So rather than being a mode of advertising, the reviews offer a service that is informative, useful and could help boost the sales of new technology.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: A freelance writer who meticulously structured and maintained blogs just for you:A LIFE SO FAR AWAYand my other blog:OFW: THIS IS MY LIFE AND STORY Thank you for your valuable time. Follow my business & writings and you'll find what life's meant to be.

Monday, January 30, 2012

Maximize AdSense Revenue with Videos4traffic

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Author Resource: Thomas Samuel.
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AdSense revenue is something everyone should eye at. It is simple. It works quite easily. Anyone can do it. You will get paid for every click on Google AdSense. You will get revenue share per click on the ads. Sounds interesting? Read on.

There are many websites to which you can upload videos. Videos4traffic site is one such website, but stands out from the rest in that it is the pioneer in sharing half of its adsense revenue to its members.

Wondering how to gain money from this site? Videos4traffic site has youtube Grabber plugin, from where the members can upload videos from youtube within a few seconds. Anybody can do it by simply adding youtube video url of your choice and clicking upload.

Now, the most important question is how to maximize revenue? Creating quality content for is the first step. There is nothing that can beat quality. If you look at the site videos4traffic , you will understand that majority of its contents are of top quality.

To get AdSense income all you need is a blog. If you have a site of your own, it is great. Alternatively, you can also opt for revenue sharing. This is something new that include forums of active participants who share the revenue they get as a result of collective effort. You need to be a regular forum contributor to earn money.

If you think that you are not good with your writing skills, then use video. The unique video clippings you have may attract revenue. Add lot of variety to the videos you upload because that will help cater to the needs of large section of people. You can include funny videos, family videos, video games for children, hot videos, etc.

To maximize AdSense revenue you have some control over placing the advertisements. You should be aware of the best locations to place the advertisements so that there will be maximum number of hits. You can also change the format and color of the advertisements. Make the whole thing attractive.

Always experiment with your material and update it frequently. There are thousands of struggling sites and the difference you can make is by constant experiments. Make your site and content a fresh appearance. Always bear it in your mind that people visit your site to get something informative or something that is really cute. Wonderful video clippings would be long lasting, as it will definitely have a bit more life in it.

People love to see updated contents. They also want to see what others say. So a proper positioning of link units could be even more profitable on image and large text ads. The visitor will tempt to go for it if the color of it is well blended with your navigation links.

To maximize your revenue, you have to make sure that your site has a good traffic. Make the content extraordinary and unique. There should be everything a viewer wants to perceive. Be it a good video, music, photos, video games, whatever it is, make it the best.