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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Becoming A Guitar Hero With Guitar Videos #FreeVideo

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Learning to play the guitar is never an easy step to make if you have never been a musical person. They say that those who start at a young age will inevitably become professional guitarists if they continue to keep up with their guitar playing on a regular basis. These days every household in the UK having access to broadband internet, young people and adults alike are able to learn how to play any instrument from just a click of the mouse.

'You Tube' is amongst the most popular video posting sites that incorporate many talented individuals showing off their musical skills or short film sketches, resulting in millions of people tuning in every day. As it is free to use and free to upload videos, it then becomes a gateway for people to have easy access to new information. Amongst the long list of video genres come short music lessons including guitar videos offering short explanations on playing techniques. These videos do come in short bursts and are on average approximately 10 minutes long.

These days many young people are becoming influenced heavily by the popular Konami guitar video game 'Guitar Hero', as it resembles a real guitar, only without the strings using a flipper for strumming and some buttons for the fretting. Even though this is not the way to learn how to play the guitar, in my own personal experience it gives the player a good feel of the music and playing to a certain beat. Of course, there is no comparison to playing a real guitar!

Still this should not divert you away from playing the real thing, regardless of how addictive the game can be! Guitar tutorials are very easily accessible from the internet. One-to-one tutorials are good to keep you motivated because you have someone else there to pick up on your mistakes and correct you where needed. The disadvantage is that you take on board your tutors playing techniques and do not get the chance to discover your own style. It is good to take on board the right way of playing, avoiding bad habits and becoming adjusted to a good style of playing. As you continue to play you will undoubtedly pick up your own bad habits - hopefully this will not hinder your playing technique!

For those who cannot afford one-to-one tutorial, there are plenty of music forums and websites that offer low cost guitar videos in DVD or video streaming format. These can also be downloaded onto your PC, bringing you hours of guitar tutorials and close up views of fingering techniques. You do not need to know how to read music to follow the instructional guitar videos, as many beginners will not know how to read music.

Learning to read music is like learning a new language. Tablatures make it easier for the guitarist to understand where to place their fingers on the fret board, once they have mastered this they can then begin to learn how to read official music notes. Remember you will need to give yourself that extra time to practice playing the notes and memorize them.

When learning to read music you get to know your guitar and your fret board, the more you practice the better you will become at playing it without having to look down at it all the time. Pay attention to your guitar video tutorials, as they will provide detailed information on where to place your fingers and which strings to strum when playing a specific note or chord.

Once you get to know how to play one chord, memorize where you had placed your fingers on the fret board and try playing this with your eyes closed. You will see that it is a completely different experience, but your senses will imprint this into your brain as you continue to practice.

When you learn to play on your own, you will not have someone there physically to correct you. Therefore when learning to play from guitar videos place a mirror in front of you and observe your own fretting ability, how you hold your guitar and your strumming motion. Be sure to relax, shake your shoulders, shake your arms and wrists, and practice a finger walking or strumming exercise before beginning your video tutorial. Also allocate a time slot each day or week dedicated to playing the guitar without any interruptions, this will help to put you into a routine and prevent you from procrastinating.

One final note is not to rush your learning! Different people pick things up at different rates, so try not to beat yourself up if you feel you are not progressing. The key to learning how to play the guitar is to just practice and repeat every step until you are comfortable enough to play with your eyes closed. In time you will become more comfortable with playing in front of your friends or family.

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